ECIMOS™ is the plant floor application that follows the script written by the scriptwriter and thus declares to the work force what to do next.


At the start time of the shift a typical first line of the script will have ECIMOS™ declare to the worker to enter or scan an employee ID badge. The ECIMOS™ security feature will then authenticate the ID with the Where location for security rights.

Then a wait-for-the-product line of script will be followed by ECIMOS™

Then a scan-the-product-serial-number, then model number lines of script will be followed by ECIMOS™, in order to retrieve the model number titled script.

The script is then followed by ECIMOS™, declaring step-by-step instructions.

The worker views the remaining time (TAKT) given to follow the script and time of the next scheduled break.

The WHAT, & HOW for each Line of Script

The What-to-do can be any task required of the worker.

The How-the-What is to be done can be conveyed to the worker by ECIMOS™ following various media.

Word documents, pictures, video, audio or 3D animations by ECI (

ECIMOS™ can then present schematics, diagrams, flow charts, deploy Method Sheets, questionnaires, 3D models, drawings, bill of materials and much more.

ECIMOS™ can, optionally, interface to real-world sensors, devices, test and process equipment to expand the What-can-be-done list to provide more operator independent testing and processing.