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ECIMOS Conductor™


ECIMOS Conductor™ is an application to be run in an office setting that accepts data entry to set-up the Where, When, What and How information to be used by the plant floor application - ECIMOS™ so that it can declare to the work force what to do next.



Shift Scheduler -

The Shift Scheduler data-accepting screen is used to enter the When information.

For each manufacturing area or assembly line, the start and end times-of-day for each shift along with start and end times-of-day for breaks and lunch are entered.

The desired production volume or TAKT time is entered or calculated.

Note: The plant floor application, ECIMOS™, can optionally interface to a plant clock for time-of-day synchronization.

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Work Station Naming-

The Work Station Naming data–accepting screen is used to give a name to each of the workstation types that will have the plant floor application - ECIMOS™ running.

Where- (Control Box Assembly, Pump Assembly, Fan Assembly, Brazing, Final Test etc)

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The WHAT, & HOW for each WHERE


The Composer data-accepting screen is used to compose or write a script for the plant floor application - ECIMOS™, to follow.

The composer/scriptwriter chooses the Where for his composition or script to be followed.

Then he titles the composition usually with a product model number or sub-assembly number. However, the title can easily be a shop order number or any other descriptor.

The composer/scriptwriter chooses from a list of What-s and then, if known, sets the allowed time (TAKT) to do the What.

The composer/scriptwriter then chooses the How by pointing to a media file name with its extension. This media file usually contains a single work instruction or is a Method Sheet.

The composition/script can be one What-How or a series of What-Hows.

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Additional Features


ECIMOS Conductor™ is an application to be run in an office setting that accepts data entry to set-up the Where, When, What and How information to be used by the plant floor application. ECIMOS™ also has additional features.

Input Filter Set-up

This capability sets up the plant floor application, ECIMOS™, to verify all bar coded and manual data entry against a character-by-character proper formatting filter. This assures data input integrity.

View Data

ECIMOS™, the plant floor application, has the capability to input bar coded serial number information for individual product performance tracking. Upon the entering of this serial number into ECIMOS Conductor™ , View Data presents all collected data for that specific Product. The data includes any test and process data collected and displays product-tracking information throughout the entire manufacturing or order filling process.

Global Parameter Change

This feature allows the composer/scriptwriter to invoke a global change to all Titles of scripts, referenced by ECIMOS™, the floor application, by using wild card characters to identify the affected Titles.

Poor Performance Code and Root Cause Code Builder

This feature allows the composer/scriptwriter to build or create poor performance codes for each Where (ie work/test/process station type). Minimally five main departmental areas are set-up with appropriate sub-codes. Main departmental areas are: Production, Supervisor. Quality, Materials and Maintenance.

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Employee and Product Performance Reporting


The First-Time-Pass -Yield report for testing performance reporting is expanded to include over-cycle (over-TAKT) time reporting for each work station where ECIMOS™, the plant floor application is used.

The ECIMOS™ Poor Performance codes report is a pareto report on the codes entered automatically by the ECIMOS™ floor application when over-cycle (over TAKT) times occur or when test/process equipment indicates a product failure.

The Poor Performance Root Cause report is a pareto report of the root causes of the over-cycle (over TAKT) times, or the root cause for a product failure at the test/process equipment. The worker/operator enters the Root Cause code for the Poor Performance at his work station or test/repair station into the ECIMOS™, plant floor application.

The Global Performance analysis report is a report to analyze groupings of cycle-time (TAKT time) or testing data. The groupings can be by, but not limited to any combination of, shift, script titles (ie model number), employee ID, work station type, test equipment type, date run, etc. A Normal Distribution curve is available with the plus or minus 3-6 standard deviations. This report feature is beneficial when learning TAKT times as opposed to invoking TAKT times and/or when trying to narrow testing parameters using historical data.

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